Dangerous drivers are racing around the streets of a city and posting their near misses online for clicks causing concern among residents.

Rogue drivers are uploading videos to social media sites such as Facebook where they are being viewed thousands of times.

Police in the city of Birmingham have called on West Midlands Police to crack down on the anti-social, and potentially dangerous, drivers.

They said they had been working with local authorities to try and combat the reckless driving, but the clips are still being filmed and posted.

BirminghamLive reported that in one video, a pair of drivers flew past other motorists at great speed.

In another clip, filmed from inside the vehicle, a car races through the streets of Birmingham before passing Villa Park.

One page that promotes the videos promises “weekly content” and asks people to “send in videos for a feature”.

The revelation of this online venture is part of an ongoing investigation into street racing in the West Midlands.

Speaking to BirminghamLive, West Midland’s Police Chief Superintendent Ian Green said: “We have been working jointly with all local authorities over the past few years and are determined to tackle dangerous and reckless driving which puts the safety of others and themselves at risk.

“Alongside our partners, we do not tolerate illegal car gatherings due to the danger and nuisance they create to communities and the wider public going about their lives.

“We have officers dedicated to addressing the issue from both neighbourhood teams and specialist traffic resources, who are also working with the insurance industry and providing diversionary and educational courses.

“We will take every opportunity to intervene and enforce against this activity and this includes spectators and those organising or promoting these events.”

Earlier this week, police in the area said they were aware of a major meeting of car enthusiasts.

They issued a warning to those who may want to attend that people risk being arrested if they were caught.

Chief Inspector Becky Barnsley said the roads should not be treated like race tracks.

Ch Insp Barnsley explained: “Anyone wanting to attend this weekend’s event either to take part or to spectate needs to be under no illusion that we’ll be using all of our powers to stop them.”

She added: “The roads of the region can’t be treated as race tracks. People have been killed and seriously injured at these types of events in the past and our ultimate aim is to keep people safe.”

Councillor Nicky Brennan added: “Street cruising is dangerous as well as being a nuisance for law-abiding citizens.

“While the current order remains in place, I would like to see the courts take public concerns into consideration and grant a full injunction, outlawing street cruises for good across our city.

“By working with our partners at the police on applying for this injunction, we have shown we understand and share the continued concerns raised by many residents, about this anti-social and life-threatening behaviour.”

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