The South Oxford Adventure Playground’s summer fundraiser on Friday (September 1) hoped to raise valuable cash for the Grandpont green space.

Volunteer co-chair Naomi Waite said: “SOAP is an adventure playground. That means we provide an opportunity for kids to have risky play.

“Increasingly, there’s lots of research to show how important it is.

“When you turn seven, you can come to SOAP without your parents. Our play workers encourage you to take risks; to climb trees and go to the top of the climbing frame.

“This isn’t a normal playground; we’ve got a lot of things you wouldn’t see in a normal playground.”

The volunteer-led playground, which last month suffered a break-in during which thieves emptied a safe, is a much-loved local institution.

Generations of Oxford youngsters have enjoyed the chance to make new friends at the playground, which has been in its Whitehouse Road site since the 1990s.

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