The music mogul, who has a house near the Cotswolds and has become a frequent visitor to Chipping Norton, said he wished he had seen a therapist “10 or 20 years ago” and has stopped using his mobile phone.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Cowell discussed how the deaths of his parents and the coronavirus pandemic had affected his mental health.

Oxford Mail: Simon Cowell

Cowell’s mother Julie died in 2015, 24 hours before he was due to appear on The X Factor panel for the opening audition rounds.

“It was really difficult. I’m in pieces but then I’m on TV,” he told the Mirror.

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“There were moments afterwards where it was really, really hard. And of all the times in my life, that was the hardest because it was just total finality.

“My mum and dad had gone, that was it.”

He added: “There were certain years I could feel it where I felt really burnt out and I thought, ‘Gosh, I’m not even enjoying this any more’.

Cowell’s father died of a heart attack on the same day he celebrated his first number one with Irish boyband Westlife.

Cowell said engaging in therapy had made a “super positive effect” on his life and encouraged others to do the same.

“I wish I had done this 10 or 20 years ago… it’s like a weight has lifted off my shoulders,” he said.

Cowell is to be the first guest on the Mirror’s new Men in Mind podcast, which will see some of the country’s biggest male stars open up about their mental health.

The music industry heavyweight said that while he had suffered from depression for years, the coronavirus pandemic had been a “catalyst” and he had become “petrified” of catching the virus.

Oxford Mail: Simon Cowell

After starting therapy, Cowell said he had unravelled his obsession with his show ratings, emailing his team to say that he no longer wanted to see them.

He stopped watching the news and got rid of his phone.

“It’s quite incredible because it now doesn’t feel like you’re chasing something,” he told the Mirror.

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“You’re just making something you like in the hope that other people like it as well. If they don’t, they don’t.”

Media mogul Simon Cowell has bid thousands of pounds for rhino poo at an Oxfordshire event.

The X Factor supremo and his partner Lauren opened the bidding at £2,500 for a gold-leafed Rhino dropping at a charity auction in aid of the Tusk Trust at Cotswold Wildlife Park in July.

The same month he was pictured at the Park Fair festival in Great Tew with Saskia Johnston, the owner of the Great Tew Estate, and Ms Silverman.

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