A picture-perfect village in Cornwall has worn out tourists braving the community at the height of its “silly season”.

Mevagissey, one of the county’s many famous seaside towns, becomes chock-a-block during the summer, attracting its fair share of the approximately four million people who visit every year.

The village offers lost gardens, a museum, a series of fish and chip shops, beautiful scenery, and much more.

But unfortunately for its visitors, many of whom come from afar to enjoy the local sights, Mevagissey becomes a much trickier place to visit in the summer.

One tourist has opened up on the “trouble” they experience attempting to enjoy the town during the silly season.

Writing for CornwallLive, Journalist Lee Trewhela spoke about the “heaven and hell” of paying Megavissey a visit in the summer.

He said he visited the “picture postcard tourist trap” at the height of the “silly season” when tourists flock like local seagulls to experience the fresh fish and chips.

He told how he roused his two daughters for a day out and told a “massive white lie” that the town “wouldn’t be that busy” yet.

In actuality, the village was “pretty heaving”, and the family went out for a “hellish but also rather delightful” day in a place he said he would “normally avoid like the plague”.

Packed car parks

The primary trouble, Mr Trewhela said, “came on arriving”, as cars had already crowded out the community.

He wrote: “There are more car parks near the harbour but you take your life in your hands if you try to bypass the waiting vehicles, so a U-turn via the opposite road was required to get back to the overspill car park at the entrance to the village at Mevagissey Activity Centre, which was already almost full by lunchtime.

“That will cost you £5 for all-day parking though, realistically, not many people are going to want to spend the whole day in Meva.”

Once entering the town, the journalist also found that food prices were also through the roof.

He added: “Some of the prices are shocking enough to make you forget your new bankrupt-inducing energy bill for a few seconds.”

Brazen seagulls

“A crab sandwich for £12.50 cried out a sign in one window, small fish and chips with peas for £9.90 – yes, small … and a sausage roll for £4.50.”

Mr Trewhela was still full of praise for the town and bursting with pride for Cornwall’s ability to see “so many people enjoying Cornwall and all it has to offer”.

He concluded that the local food was delicious, with fish and ice cream being highlights, but warned prospective visitors that local seagulls can still cause trouble.

He said: “They appear to be particularly vicious in Mevagissey, even giving their brutal cousins in St Ives a squawk for their money. I witnessed a German woman looking on stunned as a gull strutted along the harbour, imperious, with her ice cream cone in its beak.”

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