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Europe weather: EU brands snow-hit airports

The EU has heavily criticised European airports for failing to deal with recent freezing weather, which has left thousands of travellers stranded.

Pope Benedict XVI has expressed his hope for an end to conflicts around the world
Pope Benedict XVI has expressed his hope for an end to conflicts around the world,

Bradley Manning's health 'declining'
The only person to visit Wikileaks suspect Pte Bradley Manning in custody other than his lawyer says his health has declined in the past four months.

New York City, hundreds of cold, hungry and tired passengers
Maine, police say a 59-year-old man died several hours after his pickup crashed into a tree during whiteout conditions Sunday night

Shah of Iran's younger son kills himself
The 44-year-old son of the late shah of Iran died early yesterday morning inside his South End home after he shot himself, according to Boston law enforcement officials and a Web posting by his brother.

Shot US congresswoman Giffords
US congresswoman is in critical condition after a gunman shot her in the head and killed six people in an Arizona shooting spree.

Is Radical Islam Trying to Take Over the Revolt in Yemen?
In Yemen, leading Muslim cleric Abd al-Majid Zindani, 69, has joined the anti-government protests, telling several thousand protesters: “An Islamic state is coming. by :Dore Gold

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