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Sleep Well with the Help of Meditation

Sleeping disorders are very common. Close to 50 percent of the entire adult population experience insomnia.

 More than 55 percent, on the other hand, develop chronic sleeping disorder, which means there are definitely a lot of days when they are fully awake and sleep very little.

Sleep is an important body activity. It is the best time for the body to rest and heal itself. When you lack sleep, you will feel sluggish or exhausted easily. Your brain cannot function fully well, and sometimes you end up getting moody or frustrated all the time. Plenty of people who suffer from depression or anxiety also develop sleeping disorders.

There are different drugs you can take to make you sleep. However, they sometimes carry harmful body side effects. As much as possible, you want to have your treatment safe and pain free. Thus, scientists and doctors are looking at meditation as one of the best methods to reduce or treat sleeping disorders.

There are several benefits one can get from meditation in relation to sleep. First it relaxes the muscles and the mind. When you're overly stressed, it's common to be awake for many hours. The proper breathing exercises promoted by meditation make it easier for you to relax those tensed nerves prior to going to sleep. You will also discover that by doing so your sleep is completely uninterrupted. Moreover, you don't suffer from nightmares, which can wake you up in the middle of the night and make you feel even more stressed.

Second, it releases serotonin. This is a hormone responsible for managing behaviors and moods. Those with very high levels of serotonin tend to be happier people. Furthermore, serotonin is a secret ingredient to getting rid of insomnia. It also helps manage obesity. Not a lot of people know that obesity can also disrupt sleep. It promotes sleep apnea, which is one of the main reasons why people snore. This is because there's a blockage somewhere in the air passage.

Third, it helps clear your mind. Surely, you cannot get enough sleep if your mind is filled with a lot of worries. Meditation brings your attention to the present, not to the past or the future. This is necessary since these two periods are the times where most causes of anxiety are found. With a clear mind, it's much easier for you to drive yourself to sleep.

It's also an extra bonus that meditation permits you to accept subliminal messages or affirmations more conveniently. Subliminal messages have been used by health experts and psychotherapists in changing the mind-set of their patients. A very popular reason why you suffer from a sleeping disorder is because of the negative emotion or thought that is filling you up.
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  Sleeping disorders
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  Sleep Well
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